Friday, July 2, 2010

On the Edge

I'm on the edge today. Today is the moldy cherry on top of a shit-sundae of a week.

Monday - I dropped my phone and it broke... luckily the day ended well with a replacement phone from Apple. A turnaround on the horizon, I ask myself? Not so fast, loser!

Tuesday - My gmail was shut down. So I had no access to my email, contacts, several important documents, my blog, etc. Turns out there was a hack job of some kind. Not sure how. Problem fixed by the end of the day.

Wednesday - Horrible cramps. But a nice birthday lunch for the girl referenced on Friday's tidbits below. THEN when I got home, a difficult conversation with my mom (see below). Andrew took me to Cherry on Top so I would quit pacing and stewing in my upset after the call. I wanted 1 thing - strawberry yogurt with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate sauce. Their strawberry yogurt was out. Fuck you too, Cherry on Top. I left empty-handed.

Thursday - I got a ticket in Chapman's parking lot (where I work). It's sort of deserved. I lost my sticker for 2010, but I got the new transponder thing that goes on my window along with the sticker. So I attached the new transponder next to the old sticker and I've gotten away with that since September 2009. Until this day. I got a $40 ticket.

Friday - I found out that I did NOT get the job I was interviewing for. The girl I went to the birthday lunch for on Wednesday got it. She's been here longer and has a Master's degree from our department so.... but still. I should have been able to get this job. My self-esteem can't really take the blow right now. I want to go home and go to sleep for a few weeks. I just wonder, how is it that I am able to help 2 (very deserving and smart and talented and wonderful) friends get jobs here - 1 got a job that required to have a degree she didn't possess and the other has never worked in academia before, was up against 2 other people who had, and got a director position. How is it that I can rally for them and write recommendation letters and talk to the Deans about them, but I can't get my own damn self a promotion? WTF? What is wrong with me? I don't even want to look at myself in the mirror right now. Oh, and I forgot tampons today.

If one more person asks me if I have fun or exciting plans for the weekend, I'm going to smash their head into the wall. Repeatedly.

Update: At lunch I learned that one of the crazy professors here at work who was recently charged with sexual harassment and now in a temper tantrum of a response is charging his bosses with racial discrimination (he's from India), probably also has ME on the charge list as a co-conspirator. And I stepped in gum on my way back to the office. Bright blue gum. How did I not see it? I dunno. Cuz I'm a dumbass?


  1. This week (for you) should go fuck itself. And the loving part of me wants to tell you that I hope you can find the space to be gentle with yourself, since the universe is conspiring against you lately. Are you in superhero training too?

  2. Ugh - sounds like a bullshit of a week to me!

    I hope this weekend decides to lighten up for you.

    Stupid asshole universe.