Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Week

I am looking forward to this week with a positive attitude. My technical problems are all solved. And so what if my mom is crazy? Whose isn't? And about the job... it's their mistake. It really is. I like the girl they're hiring, but she won't be able to go out and recruit students and make connections with them the way I can. She's not as outgoing as me. And yes, she has an MBA. But I'm interested in education, not just specifically the MBA. I would actually like to pursue a Ph.D. and do research and publish things. What is the motto in academia? Publish or perish, right? I know that's mostly for professors but when administrators do it, it's just a big fat bonus. I must acknowledge the role I played in this. I clearly did not communicate my strengths well enough. And I will not let that mistake happen ever again.

So, lots of great reasons to have a positive outlook this week. But the number 1 reason is because I have to. I wouldn't have made it here to work at all today if I wasn't going to be positive about it. It's a defense mechanism. Kill 'em with kindness! The only other defense mechanism I use is to run and hide. But I'm getting too old for that. Unfortunately.

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