Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun Stuff

To counteract the negativity about the wedding, I would like to now post some fun stuff about the wedding! These are the photos that have inspired me most:

(I tried to put them together nicely so that they all fit perfectly without too much space but it didn't work out... I work full-time, go to school full-time, I have this shin-dig to plan, a honeymoon to plan, Andrew to micro-manage, and puppies to spoil... I'm busy)

click on image for a larger view

The inspiration from the tables and general decor came from that first photo, top left. Black and white printed fabric topped/accented with splashes of color! People keep asking me what my colors are and are often disappointed/confused with this answer (I'm a professional at disappointing people these days). I have this pic on my iphone and I usually just pull up the photo to show them.

On Sunday's brunch after the wedding, the tables will be all black and white linens with a black and white print fabric in the middle (cut out in the design you see on the cake plate), a big glass bowl/vase with multi-colored petals (from the color schemes above) and floating votives in it, then petals scattered on the table under it.

The black lace dress is what I'm considering making for Saturday night. I'm excited I get so many costume changes!

The wedding dress pictured here is the dress I'm making. And no, I will not wear a bra like in the pic that makes my boobs the center of attention. The dress is already cut out, the bottom is sewn together and I've pinned the top on myself just to eyeball it. So far, so good. I just need to figure out what to do with the back before I sew the whole thing.

The ceremony is on the beach and the aisle will be scattered with multi-colored petals. The chairs on the ends of the aisle will have tissue-paper pom-poms, each row a different color (in the bright color scheme, of course). Chairs are white (wooden) and pom-poms will be tied with black lace ribbons.

The close-up of the bouquet is the best depiction of the type of colors I'm going for but the bouquet under it is more like what bouquets will actually look like (a variety of flowers).

The black and white floral skirt with black top is my inspiration for bridesmaids. I'm making them matching skirts and they can wear whatever top they want.

The cake will be 3-tiered, rectangular-shaped, bottom tier is white with black swirls/scrolls (as in the pic), the middle tier is white with black polka dots, and the top tier is white with black spirals. The whole thing will be topped with a splash of colorful flowers.

And the Santa Barbara weekend wedding extravaganza will go something like this:

Friday night: Dinner for family and the wedding party followed by a no-host night out for drinking and dancing with all friends who happen to be in town (childcare provided by us).

Saturday morning: Breakfast followed by the rehearsal on the beach.

Saturday afternoon: Everyone's on their own, but we are thinking about going on a wine tour with the families.

Saturday night: Big party (what would typically be the evening wedding reception) with a DJ, open bar, photobooth with props, and kids table equipped with babysitters. We have to close down at 11:30 but if people are still partying, we can go to the bar in the restaurant until... whenever.

Sunday morning: Beach ceremony with guitarist and steel-drum player, light-bites, coffee and juice, brunch follows with mimosa toasts, music courtesy of our iphones, and I'm thinking about hiring a caricaturist.

So... fun stuff, right?


  1. I love it and I am soooo excited!! I think everything sounds beautiful!!

  2. Oh, i just might have to wedding crash! This sounds so beautiful. The pattern on the cake is awesome. The beach is one of my fave's about your wedding and get out! your providing a babysitter at the kids table. Who is on the guest list for this 5 star wedding? LOL Thanks for sharing your pics it really helps me get a picture in my head.

  3. I am IN LOVE with your wedding!!!! You know I am not much for BS. I think I want to marry you :) Black and white with pops of color has always been a favorite of mine. BTW...The Saturday night dress looks HOT!!!! Are the puppies coming to the wedding?

  4. Thanks guys. I'm really excited about it too! Oh Cheryl, I'd love to invite absolutely everyone. But we had to keep those numbers down.

    Yes Amber, the dogs will be there. They'll be in the ceremony too! They're our babies... we don't even run to get frozen yogurt without them!