Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend at Bio-Mom's

The weekend went well. I went to bio-mom's house for the first time and she met some friends for the first time. I lost a few friends along the way (emergency gallbladder surgery and a little internal bleeding brought some worry but everything turned out fine... phew). 2 ended up at her house. She cooked for us and even bio-sis hung out for a while. Bio-sis is really sweet and nice but she didn't totally want to be there. She wanted to go hang out with her friends on a Saturday. I can't blame her! I was a teenager once myself!

Bio-mom was completely gracious and her home is lovely! While I was there I got to see her wedding photos. It was totally 90's... a fun, casual backyard wedding. Her husband was very patient as well while girls took over his house. What I didn't tell bio-mom was that I had been there before. An unnamed friend found her address using unnamed resources. We drove there, waited until a resident opened the gate into her housing complex (yes, we're stalkers), found her house and sat outside it for a few. Sort of hoping someone would walk outside and at the same time hoping someone wouldn't walk outside... and catch us! Yeah, I didn't share that with bio-mom.

After we hung out at her place, we went to a bar where another friend was working. We sat and had drinks there for a couple of hours. Shared stories. Laughed. It was nice.

I have recently heard so many horrible stories about adopted kids and bio-parents. Hearing all of this has made me very grateful. I'm so glad that bio-mom is as great as she is. And I'm very grateful to my parents for not trying to ship me back to her when I got bratty. And for even [gasp]... loving me through it!

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