Monday, May 24, 2010

Speaking of Negative...

I recently spent some time with someone else's mom who can be extremely negative. If she's not doing something or talking about something she particularly enjoys, then she's being negative about whatever is going on. If she's not personally interested in it, it's weird or it sucks. Now, I don't expect her or anyone else to be all Susie Sunshine all the time. Lord knows, I'm not! But can she maybe just be neutral about something? Or maybe think something else is the slightest bit interesting? Or think something besides what she likes to do could also be fun? All of this happens very infrequently. VERY! She also assumes the worst about people. If there is potential for someone to have a bad intention, then she's sure they do! It's extremely frustrating.

I just want to put it out there that I am so very glad my mom is not like that. With all of her faults, she is never someone who is all doom and gloom. She's interested in plenty of things (sometimes too much... i.e. the $1000 sewing machine for her to take up quilting... that has sat untouched for over a year). And what's better, she's completely supportive of me and my decisions and the places I travel to and my education and my hobbies. She's always quick to compliment the latest $12 purse I got from Target. She doesn't sit and judge and pick people apart. She's always interested in trying anything I cook (my dad and grammy turn their nose up at it). She wishes I lived closer so we could do more things together. And honestly, I kinda do too. I feel sad that we haven't been closer over the years. But that's just how it's worked out. I am thinking of her this week as I'm contemplating taking a crochet class at JoAnn's. I know she'd want to go with me. Now, she might not show up on the day of the class for whatever reason... but her flaking out on me is another issue all together! We won't go there right now! Especially considering that being positive and supportive and excited for your children's lives is such a wonderful trait for a mother to have! So, thank you Mom! (And yes, I'll be sure to thank her directly.)

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