Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Room with a View

Just last week, I was "upgraded" to a room with a view at work... YEAH! I love it. It's in the main office for the business school (that's where my old office was, but it was sort of in an inside corner... no window). My new office overlooks the Atallah Piazza here at Chapman as well as the Leatherby Library, part of Wison Field and our kinda-jumbo tron, some of Anaheim Hills and plenty of greenery. Here's a tiny glimpse (children playing in the water sold separately)...

Someone (we'll call her chick X) had to be moved out of this office in order for me to be moved in. Chick X did not leave her position. She was just kinda shifted somewhere else. Somewhere without a window, down another hallway. It's a tiny bit awkward. I used to report to this person. The hierarchy was Associate Dean > chick X > me. But now I report directly to the Associate Dean. The student workers used to report to both chick X and to me. But now she has no reports. They all report just to me. The Assoc. Dean sent out our new job descriptions in table format. There was her column and my column side-by-side. My column is about 3-times as long as hers. Awkward. What's worse is that some things in her column, I have been doing. She has just always had seniority over me because she's been here for almost 10 years and I have been here for less than 2. Because she's been here so long, they gave her an Assistant Director title. Of what you ask? Administration. Kind of a BS title, but whatever. The situation is still.... you guessed it, awkward.

So now that I have a new office and some added responsibilities, I'm asking for a raise. Ballsy in this economy, yes. But I don't care. They're certainly not going to fire me just for asking. So, if you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by and see my new digs. I'm having it painted on Friday and hanging up artwork on Monday. It will be gorgeous for the start of the new semester on August 31st!

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