Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Added Cheer to My Day

I was sent flowers today! So bright and cheery and vibrant and beautiful. They really made me smile. And guess who they're from? Bio-mom! So sweet of her. And great taste too, take a look....

A friend at work asked, "Are you gonna tell your mom that she sent these to you." My immediate answer was "NO!" Come on now... would I tell Andrew that one my other boyfriends sent me flowers? Of course not! ; )

I emailed her a photo of the flowers and called to thank her. She told me once that she used to buy me things on my birthday. Just little trinkets here and there when I was little. She thinks she may have kept them and they are in storage somewhere.

My dear friend Dawn (one of the dearest and the closest... physically, mentally and in my heart) pointed out something pretty amazing. It must make bio-mom very happy just to do nice things for me. She has had that motherly urge for the past 30 years and had no outlet for it (of course she has her daughter, but no outlet when it came to her thoughts/feelings about me). How strange and incredible is it that there is someone in this world who just wants to do nice things for you, and learn all about you, and who just can't wait to meet you and see your face and just hug you. So very strange. Very very very strange. If that's the reality though, I'll take it!

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