Monday, November 30, 2009


I knew she would do it. I knew my mom would slip. I think my exact words were something like: "I bet my mom is going to try to forget all of this ever happened. I bet she is going to slip and try to tell me a story about when she was pregnant with me." Well, she did it. She slipped. Andrew was there as a witness. He heard the whole thing. When I was at her place in October, we were in the kitchen and I was telling her that I recently had ANOTHER root canal. You know what she said? "You must have inherited your teeth problems from me." Oh really, mom? You think that, do you? Interesting! How so, through osmosis? Are my teeth 'guilty by association' from just being in proximity to your teeth all my life? I know, I know - old habits are hard to break and they've been covering it up for 30 years so I will give them a little slack. I just ignored it when she said that and kept the conversation going. I'm afraid I won't be able to ignore it if she does something like that again. Not that I would be mean about it, I would probably make a joke. But I don't know if she can take jokes about it yet.... or ever.

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